An Introduction To The Shabby Chic Decorating Style

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If you love watching home decorating TV shows, and devouring every decorating magazine you can find, chances are you’ve already heard about shabby chic decorating styles. If you haven’t yet though, you’re in for a real treat!

The shabby chic decorating style infuses the warmth and personality with a combination of charm and splendor. It’s similar to eclectic decorating styles, or the mix-and-match method I’ve written about before. It’s a very versatile, easy way of decorating your home that is quite affordable as well as fun and elegant.

The shabby chic decorating style is said to have been originated by Rachel Ashwell in the late 1980s. According to her, shabby chic decorating combines simple and ornate, rumpled and tidy, fresh and traditional, as well as casual and elegant.

An easy way to create a shabby chic decorating style is to simply buy used furniture at flea markets, swap meets, and yard sales. Then, paint all of it white.

Other ways to get shabby chic decorating ideas is to simply think back in time. Maybe your grandmother for example, had miscellaneous china tea cups, leaf tea linens and doilies, and crystal lamps scattered throughout her home. These are all things used in today’s shabby chic design style.

If you feel like there’s too much white in your design style, then use decor accents to add some pale pastels, or some creams and ivories.

Try to keep the less is more rule in mind when going for the shabby chic look. Don’t include too much clutter, frills, or matching.

Get started by choosing just a few of your primary items for the room you’re planning to decorate. In the living room for example, you might simply choose your couch, a chandelier or ceiling fan, a nice table, and an area rug. Once you have those basics in place, you can start building from there.

Paint the walls a nice pale color, and brighten things up by adding additional lighting. Be sure to remove everything you don’t use to ensure the room is not cluttered.

The best thing about creating a shabby chic decorating style, is that the end result tends to be timeless and inviting. This means once you have your room decorated completely to your taste, it won’t need much updating or revisions over the years.

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Article written by Kathy Burns-Millyard

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