Decorating Tips & Ideas for Young Kid’s Bedrooms

Decorating a bedroom for toddlers and small children is sometimes frustrating for many parents, but when done creatively it can actually be quite fun. The most important thing to keep in mind though, is that you’re decorating the room for your toddler or smaller child… not yourself.

Young children tend to be very creative individuals. And any parent who has or has had small children has already discovered this. You’ve probably found crayon drawings on the wall for instance, or inside your treasured books and magazines. And while young children’s penchance for creating artwork everywhere can be a bit exasperating at times, it is one of the best tools to use when decorating their very own bedroom!

The first thing you’ll want to do when decorating your toddler’s bedroom, is to use plenty of solid, bright, primary colors. Buy a bedspread or comforter which has bright splashes of blue, green, red, or yellow in it. You’ll find there are plenty of designs which incorporate all of these colors in one spread too, and toddlers love having lots of bright colors in their room.

The next step is to plan how you’ll decorate the walls. Now the trick here is to put something in place on the lower part of the walls, which won’t be destroyed by your child’s love of art.

An excellent decorative technique for toddler’s bedrooms for instance, is to apply whiteboard material along the bottom part of the wall. Whiteboard material can be purchased at local hardware stores in sheets of 8′x4′ sizes, for as little as $10-$15 per sheet. Simply lay a sheet of this whiteboard material sideways, so that it covers the wall up to 4 feet high, and has a stretch of 8 feet in length.

Install just one piece if you’d like, and surround it with wooden trim that can be used for holding the markers and erasers, and you’ve instantly created a toddler artists area right in their bedroom. If you’d rather make sure your small child doesn’t try putting their artwork on the rest of the walls though, then put the whiteboard sheets all the way around the room. This gives them all four walls to draw on at their own height, and leaves the top of all the walls free for you to apply preferred paints, wallpapers, or borders to finish off your designer look.

When using whiteboard for your child’s creative activities, you simply buy a set of colorful whiteboard markers for them to create their artwork with instead of crayons. Be sure to buy them erasers too, so they can create and re-create to their heart’s content.

And don’t forget a critical element of this toddler decorating strategy: Take pictures! Each time you see your child has a new piece of artwork on his wall, be sure to get a picture of it for your own scrapbook and keepsake albums.

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Article written by Kathy Burns-Millyard

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