Exterior Design Ideas

Easy & Inexpensive Ways to Kill Lawn Weeds

Overview Buying commercial weed killer can be quite expensive, and it’s not usually friendly to the environment either. Thankfully there are several more natural and inexpensive ways to kill lawn weeds though. The two best are the use of plain water, and hand pulling the weeds. Water Boiling water to be precise. This method is […]

Creating a Beautiful Outdoor Garden Space

Most people who love gardening simply plant beautiful flowers, bushes, and vines just because they love playing in rich garden soil. Other people plant beautiful flowers because they want the end result of having wonderful colors and textures in their yard. Another excellent reason to create a beautiful outdoor garden space though, is to have […]

Decorating Porches & Sunrooms Starts With a Plan

Attached outdoor spaces that provide total or partial shelter should be considered an extension of the home’s interior design. In most cases these areas embrace an entrance or serve to join two interior areas-a breezeway, for example. Traffic patterns figure importantly in overall furniture arrangements, as does the selection of furniture, durable fabrics, and other […]

Earth Friendly Ways to Water Your Yard

Every year in the spring, avid gardeners and proud home owners around the country start doing major maintenance to make their yards and gardens look lush and beautiful. And part of that maintenance involves watering the yard and garden more fully and heavily than they did during the cold winter months. Unfortunately using so much […]

Tips for Planning Your Landscape Design

No outdoor living space is completely successful until it is integrated with the surrounding landscape. Just as there are specific steps for designing interior spaces, there are also guidelines for exterior ones. How extensive your planning is will depend on the project you’re doing. If you’re choosing a place within your landscape to place a […]